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Harukichi is a self-proclaimed composer, cartoonist, pho-toy-grapher, translator of foreign comics. He also creates as a writer from time to time. He was born on the island of Hokkaido in 1973.

You can always email me at: noiserelax(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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Harukichi and Gosshie as a music composer

<Year 2019>
Solo exhibition with group exhibition at Nova festival in Serbia

猫DJゴッシー短編集5+6合本版発売 A4サイズ表紙含め64ページ 700円

My comic is featured in KOMIKAZE #18, croatia magazine.
you can read it here, 

『ロシアロック ヂスクガイド』ハル吉著 発売
Russian Rock Disc Guide written by Harukichi
Japanese language
192pages A5(148mm x 210mm) paperback
1300JPY over 170 musicians, over 400 discs reviewed!

2019年6月26日 460円
サム・グランツマン著 猫DJゴッシー訳 ハル吉協力

Harukichi released the album by serbian rock'n chorus group HORKESTAR.
14曲35:19収録 1000円。2019年6月4日発売。

『セルビア四方山話』アレクサンダー・ゾグラフ著 ハル吉訳 発売 450円
Various stories of Serbia by Aleksandar Zograf translation:Harukichi
price:450JPY/RSD 2019年9月20日

<Year 2018>

DJ Cat Gosshie short stories part6 by Harukichi, English edition is available. 

 A short comic of DJ Cat Gosshie and my bio is featured in an artistic magazine called "Kvartal"(Quarter) issue 27 in Serbia.

My illustration is featured in a magazine called "Hydra Head" by Popper publishing in Latvia.

<Year 2017>

Decade of Death 腐臭ゾンビ』マーク・リディック(Mark Riddick)死画帳 
with CD(70分以上 over 70minutes)付
言語language:日本語・英語 Japanese/English
発売日release date:2017年9月26日 26th Sept. 2017
 self-published by me

 My photo exhibition is held at Blå Huset in Sweden.

My comic is selected at Prague Comics Art Festival „Frame” competition in  Czech Republic and included in the  Wake Up Frame 2017 competition catalogue.

My comic is selected and  exhibited at Salon Stripa in Serbia.

My illustration is exhibited at Nova Festival  in Serbia during 3rd to 8th Octorber.
Ziveo Kavandoli is the catalogue of the event.

DJ Cat Gosshie debut in Serbia! here

 「猫DJゴッシー短編集5」 350円 2017年6月23日発売
DJ Cat Gosshie short stories part5 English edition is available. 

<Year 2016>

Harukichi published a Serbian comic "Bakugekichi Serbia karano tegami"(original title: Regards from Serbia) by Aleksander Zofraf.  Price:1400JPY「爆撃地セルビアからの手紙」アレクサンダー・ゾグラフ作 ハル吉訳 1400円発売。

  Harukichi published a New Zealand comic titled"Seppukhime to Sukeban Jessica"(Princess Seppuku and Jessica of the skoolyard) by Karl Willis. Price:1100JPY
切腹姫とスケ番ジェシカ」カール・ウィリス作 ハル吉訳 発売1100円

C’est Bon Anthology vol 34<<Re: Creation & Idleness>>
One of my DJ Cat Gosshie stories is featured in the CBA vol.34.

Solo exhibition was held at Amexica during 16th and 26th June.

巨大写真集「満猫全席 Part2」発売。
My hand-made BIG photobook "満猫全席 Part2"(loosely translated as "Cats on Every Table"Part 2) is released. English edition is here.

<Year 2015>
Harukichi's novel "The adventure of DJ Goshogawara" is released in 3 volumes. more info

 Harukichi starts the japanese website of the web comic "DELIA" by Hans Rickheit & Krissy Dorn.海外ウェブ漫画「DELIA」の日本語翻訳サイト「デリア」を開始。

<<DJ Cat Gosshie short stories part4>> English edition is available. 32pages.  PayPal 700JPY including world wide shipping.  Mail me before ordering. noiserelax★gmail.com

 『猫DJゴッシー短編集4』 350円発売

 Harukichi published the 2nd edition of the comic "NEET METAL", japanese edition of the swedish heavy metal comic "Ove, den 34-arige hardrokaren" by Daniel Ahlgren.

"DJ Cat Gosshie in KKK" is selected as one of 93 works from 120 contribution over the world and included in the anthology book "Comics Cookbook".

 New story "DJ Cat Gosshie fights for a better world" is included in "Si!"#21 from Latvia.

 Most of DJ Cat Gosshie comic#1 are featured in 『Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 2』(Fantagraphics) edited by Michael Dowers.

<Year 2014>

 A story of DJ Cat Gosshie is included in komikaze #13, an international comic magazine from Croatia. You can read the story for free in the komikaze webzine page.

 two stories of my comics are featured in CEST BON anthology vol.24 , an international comic magazine from Sweden.

Harukichi released his second album "Hotel Califormeow"(CD-R).

Harukichi translated and released the finnish comic "カウガール・ナニの冒険"(The adventure of cowgirl NANI, author: Jouko Nuora).   

 My hand-made photobook "満猫全席"(loosely translated as "Cats on Every Table")got an honorable mention in EPSON photo grand prix.

<Year 2013>
  DJ CAT Gosshie (both English & Japanese edition) part1, 2 and the japanese edition of "KONA, Monarch of monster isle"( translated and published by me) are aquired to the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library of Tulane University, New Orleans, USA.

Harukichi translates and publishes the legendary comic "KONA, monarch of monster isle" (public domain) of Sam Glanzman.

 DJ CAT Gosshie part2 English edition (self published) by Harukichi is released as paper format 28pages,  PayPal 700JPY including world wide shipping.  Mail me before ordering. noiserelax★gmail.com

"DJ-katten Gosshie möter en rymdvarelse" [the swedish edition of DJ Cat Gosshie meets an alien], a 4 page comic, is featured in the website of the great swedish synthesizer KING: Ralph Lundsten.here

Harukichi translates and publishes the anthology comic "Nigeria Urban Legends" in digital format. The comic are originally published by Comicbandit press in Nigeria.

Harukichi have written and published "TZADIK DISC GUIDE 100" in paper format.

Harukichi published the comic "NEET METAL"in paper format, the japanese edition of the swedish heavy metal comic "Ove, den 34-arige hardrokaren" by Daniel Ahlgren.

 DJ CAT Gosshie part1 English edition (self published) by Harukichi is released as paper format 400JPY a copy (contact me) and also digital eidition in DL market.105JPY!

<Year 2012>
My short comic is selected as one of  the best 89  from over 300 works in the  anthology "SILENCE 2012" published by international comic festival "ligatura"in Poland.
My comic is in page 147

My first comic exhibition was held for one month in the international comic festival "Boom fest" in St.Petersburg, RUSSIA.

<Year 2011>
Harukichi wrote a guide book «Let’s read alternative foreign comics». The book’s 170 pages tell about 50 foreign comics that were published after 2000. It also included a series of comics of Russian author Oleg Tischenkov «Cat».

Harukichi became the winner of the Boomfest festival competition.

His short comic is selected as one of  the best 43  from over 200 works in the  anthology "SILENCE 2011" published by international comic festival "ligatura"in Poland.
My comic is in page 51

<Year 2010>
Harukichi founded Electronic Publishing House Toge No Jizo, where he began to publish mini-comics by Annco from Korea, Eric Kriek from Holland, Hans Rickheit and Robert Goodin from the U.S. At the moment he is the only publisher in Japan, who publishes foreign alternative comics in electronic format.